On Tour

24/7 Emergency Assistance Hotline

Australia: 1300 738 196 (call back service available)
China: +86 138 0130 8440
Police: 110
First-aid ambulance: 120
Fire: 119

Tour guide

You will be escorted by our local tour guides who can speak English fluently. Our 'insider' will take you to places and convey the local histories, stories and facts to you in the most ordinary way. Your cutural gaps will be minimized and new perceptions will be determined.

Food and Drinks

It is not advisable to drink tap water in China. Bottled water is cheap and widely available. You will have some free times to enjoy local authentic foods at your own pace. Our local tour guide and/ or hotel hosts can recommend you the best options based on your preference. Just ask!


Most of hotels and airport transfers will be organized by us. If you prefer private transfers, please advise us at the time of booking.

Phone and internet services

You may need to register with your mobile supplier for international roaming services and check all the associated cost. Also, Sim cards are available to purchase.

There are two service options including China Mobile and China Telecom. You will be required to show ID or passport to purchase Sim cards. You could always ask your local guide to assist with purchase.

Social network

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are prohibited in China. However, WeChat app can be used in China. In many big cities, free internet access is provided in public places such as shopping malls, modern restaurants, café shops, etc.