China Tours

Discover China's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Our meticulously designed tours will guide you through breathtaking landscapes like the Great Wall and ancient Terracotta Warriors. Immerse yourself in the vibrant blend of old and new, experiencing the diverse elements that make China a must-visit destination. Uncover the wonders of China, one mesmerizing journey at a time.

Grand Tour of China

Japan Tours

Embark on a journey through Japan with our bespoke tours. Experience vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning landscapes that blend ancient traditions with modern innovations. Marvel at cherry blossoms in Kyoto, explore bustling Tokyo streets and soak in an Onsen hot spring in Hakone. Embrace the adventure that awaits in Japan - a treasure trove of unique experiences.

Allure Of Japan

Arctic Tours

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Arctic on an unforgettable tour. Marvel at towering icebergs and be enchanted by the captivating Northern Lights. Join us in exploring the remote landscapes and encountering unique wildlife beyond the Arctic Circle. Discover the awe-inspiring magic of nature's wonders in the Arctic. Book your adventure today!

Discover The Arctic

Private China Tours

Experience the ultimate adventure with our top-rated China tours for couples, combining luxury and exploration. Immerse yourself in China's captivating history and vibrant culture while enjoying personalized service. From iconic landmarks to hidden treasures, our exclusive tours offer a romantic journey filled with luxury and unforgettable experiences. Elevate your travel with a perfect blend of luxury and discovery in the heart of China.

Luxury Private Groups

Scenic Cruises & Tours

Discover the charm of our scenic cruises and tours, offering a perfect balance of relaxation and exploration. Immerse yourself in serene river waters and awe-inspiring landscapes, as our carefully crafted journeys unveil stunning vistas and cultural marvels. Embark on an unforgettable adventure, guided by experts who reveal hidden gems amidst breathtaking scenery. Experience the allure of our curated exploration today!

Scenic Cruises & Tours

Japan Spring Tours

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of spring with our Cherry Blossom Tours. Witness the breathtaking beauty of delicate pink blooms as they transform landscapes and cities into serene havens. Experience a cultural journey where each petal tells a story of renewal. Join us for a curated experience that celebrates the magic of cherry blossoms and creates unforgettable memories.

Cherry Blossom Tours

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" Really enjoyed this experience of China. Accommodation and transport, both included and optional tours were very well organised and of high standard. I understand that visits to factory outlets are sales-oriented and can impact sightseeing. These comments should not stop anyone from taking this wonderful opportunity to tour and explore China. "


" Great tour. Absolutely loved China - it exceeded all of our expectations. It was clean, friendly people, beautiful. The food was delicious. I liked the fact that we were able to do our own adventures and not always have to be stuck with the tour guide too. This allowed us to get our own perspective and have our own adventure which was wonderful. "


"Absolutely fantastic! Our guide Toby was excellent! He made us feel safe and secure. He also made us fall in love with China. We had the best time and would recommend it to anyone. The Great Wall was magical and breathtaking. The accommodations were superb. The food was delicious. The tour was well-planned and managed. We Will definitely use Expedition Exclusive again. "


" The overall trip was fantastic, and we really loved it. The receipt of information prior to the trip was received well in advance and kept us informed on what we needed to do. Overall accommodation was good, some issues in the first Motel whilst in Beijing, but our Guide sorted this out. All set tours were very good, along with the additional tours. Stephen our guide did a good job. "





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