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Welcome to Expedition Exclusive

We call ourselves travel designers, we use our creativity and passion to bring out the best of each destination. We are not only passionate about what we do, but we are also care about what our customer wants and needs.
We are focused to deliver tours and other travel products in Australia, China, Japan and Mongolia, both individuals and small group tours; either in luxurious manner or adventurous way; be it golf travel or educational escape...

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Expedition Exclusive (EX2) is a tour wholesaler and a destination management company (DMC), that have a special
focus on cultural travel. We are specializing in the following destinations:


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We work exclusively in China, Mongolia and Tibet. This exclusive focus means we have up to date information and
first-hand experience that offers authentic travel experience to our clients.

Service 1

We create tailor made, bespoke deluxe holidays for discerning clients seeking luxury travel. We have been innovating the finest and most unique holiday and high-end travel experiences in all corners of China since 1992. We have a team of dedicated travel specialists who have up to date information and first-hand experience of their specialist areas.

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Service 2

Our hand-piacked group tours offer you the a peace of mind travel style as they are all-inclusive packages i.e. return airfare, accommodation, fully guided tours and etc.. We have a great range of tour packages in both China and Mongolia. Whether you are looking to have a luxury escape or a adventure travel with great value, we cover you all.

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Service 3

We understand good travel experience comes with not only the great value but also the flexibilities of planning the activities with your own ideas, therefore we have come up with a new travel concept - LEGO Package. This gives you the access to the group discounted of airfares and hotels, most importantly it allows you to plan your own daily activities with different budgets.

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latest news

8D Escapes: Magenta-A Moment of Freedom

Posted on 9 December 2020
8D Escapes: Magenta-A Moment of Freedom
At certain times of the day, Australia's natural spaces and places are bathed in a magical magenta light. From rippl...
Posted in:Expedition Exclusive  

8D Escapes: Blue-A Moment of Joy

Posted on 25 November 2020
8D Escapes: Blue-A Moment of Joy
More than just a colour, blue inspires a feeling; a freeing and joyful sensation shared by soaring seabirds, breaching w...
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8D Escapes: Green-A Moment of Relaxation

Posted on 11 November 2020
8D Escapes: Green-A Moment of Relaxation
Australia's refreshing green landscapes can recharge and refocus even the busiest of minds. From ancient rainforests...
Posted in:Expedition Exclusive  

8D Escapes: White-A Moment of Peace

Posted on 28 October 2020
8D Escapes: White-A Moment of Peace
In Australia, peaceful white-hued experiences can be discovered in every corner of the land; some more surprising than o...
Posted in:Expedition Exclusive  
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