Understanding The Irrecoverable Cost

Why was I charged an irrecoverable cost?

When a booking is cancelled or suspended due to the unforeseeable circumstances, according to your booking terms and conditions (clause 14), the fees imposed by third-party suppliers will apply. These fees include but not limited to the non-refundable payment we have submitted to the airlines, hotels, local land operator and etc. The amount of irrecoverable cost varies per booking.

Can Expedition Exclusive refund or waive the irrecoverable cost?

The irrecoverable cost is not a fee charged by Expedition Exclusive, therefore we are unable to refund or waive such cost. However, the irrecoverable cost only applies when the booking is cancelled due to the unforeseeable circumstances and it will not apply to a postponed booking. By keeping the paid amount of a booking as a credit with us for an alternative product or travel date, the irrecoverable cost will be removed automatically. To find out more, please contact us.

What are the irrecoverable costs applied to my booking?

The amount of irrecoverable cost varies per booking, please submit your request online for its breakdown.