Credit Vouchers FAQs

What does a credit voucher cover?

The credit voucher includes your Expedition Exclusive tour, optional extras and any pre and post-tour accommodation or airport transfers you booked directly through us. It does not include any flights or insurance we have booked for you, as they will each have their own individual booking conditions associated with the provider.

What does a credit voucher cover?

People love travel as it is not only the best way to explore the outside world, but also the journey enriches life. However, travel used to be expensive and hard to manage, especially when you are planning to a foreign country with different culture, language and etc.

The establishment of Expedition Exclusive is inspired by the dream of making the travel to the world more affordable and accessible for everyone. To achieve this, every single member in our team is dedicated to providing the best quality, value, and service to meet our customers' needs. Expedition Exclusive, the company has never been motivated by money for money sake, and we are offering all our guests credit voucher for the best benefit of your good.

Please allow us to explain how.


For us to create the tour at a great value (sometimes it is up to 50% cheaper than the normal market price), we will make upfront deposits and full payments to airlines, hotels, and our suppliers to secure the reservation for our guests. These payments apply to all tour relevant elements, including but not limited to the flights, accommodations, local transports, tour guides and optional extras. During the coronavirus crisis, many of our suppliers have decided to offer credits instead of refunds, and for those suppliers who agreed to refund (less the cancellation fee), the refund process may take up to 6-8 months. However, we understand how important to our guests to be guided on what will happen to your booking with us and the long wait of the booking update is painful. Therefore, we moved quickly and settled the largest portion of each booking value the tour cost with more than 95% of all our guests while we are yet to receive the funds from the suppliers. We are offering the credit voucher so our guests can have the option of not being penalised on the supplier's cancellation fee and experience the long wait of the refund process.

Continuous Support from Expedition Exclusive

During this unprecedented time, all of us are struggling to navigate the impact COVID-19 is having on our work and life. Expedition Exclusive is committed to doing our part and to keep people in our offices and destinations employed so we are here to provide continuously support to all our guests. By taking the credit voucher and keeping your trust in Expedition Exclusive, you will help us get back on our feet when the COVID-19 crisis is over, and it will enable us to offer you the best service and tours when the world opens up again.

Further Product Development

While travel aboard is paused due to COVID-19, our team has not stopped developing and enhancing our products. We are proud to announce Australia has become available as a new destination on our website, why not turn your credit voucher to a great local gateway experience. Tell us your dream holiday ideas and we turn them into reality.

On top of the touring service, we have also facilitated retail reservation team to assist you with flight and hotel bookings. So, when you are ready to travel again, we are here to support you. Please speak to one of our reservation consultants and find more details.

What if credit voucher does not suit my personal situation?

The majority of our customers have been happy to receive a credit voucher, but we understand that in some instances this will not suit your personal situation. If this is the case for you, you can submit your refund request here and we will review your case in line with the standard Booking Terms and Conditions.

How long will I have to use my credit voucher?

Your credit will be valid until at least 30 June 2023. We will continue to review this date as we evaluate the continuing impact of travel restrictions.

How can I use my expedition exclusive credit voucher?

We will email you a credit voucher code with a redemption link, which you can redeem the voucher online. Alternatively, please send us your booking request and one of our reservation consultants will help you to redeem the voucher in your further bookings.

Can I still request a refund after I have accepted the credit voucher?

Yes, you can requst refund of your credit voucher at any time prior to its redemption, and we will review your case in line with the original Booking Terms and Conditions at time you accepted the credit voucher. (The credit voucher will become non-refundable once it is redeemed.)

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